Virtually 100% of our students choose to enter university after completing their studies at school, so our goal is to provide them with solid academic preparation that allows them to undertake their university studies with guarantees .

At school we offer our students two types of Baccalaureate:

  • Science modality with its two itineraries: Biosanitary and Technological.
  • Humanities and Social Sciences modality with its two itineraries: Social Sciences and Humanities.

Everything you need to know

Proyecto lingüístico en Bachillerato en el Colegio Urdaneta

Linguistic project

Baccalaureate students who come from model B study in a reinforced model A that promotes learning of Basque .

Furthermore, thanks to an agreement established with the municipal Euskaltegi, they have the opportunity to prepare for the exam that certifies them with the B2 profile in this language . In this way, they would finish their studies at the school with the same official exit profile as the students who study in model D.


English is taught intensified in the weekly schedule. In addition, the school organizes school exchanges in this language with other schools in Europe and the USA, which serve to enrich communication in English and the cultural heritage of the students .

Students at this level, like those at ESO, can take the Dual Baccalaureate , which will allow them to obtain a double degree from the Spanish and American Baccalaureate, both of which are officially recognized.

French is offered as a subject in Baccalaureate for those students who take it in ESO.

Throughout the course, students attend plays in different languages ​​at school or outside of it as a complement to educational activities, and they also go on cultural outings to literary events .

Ciencias y tecnología en Bachillerato en el Colegio Urdaneta

Sciences and technology

Our science students combine theoretical teaching with experimentation to reinforce their learning. As a supplement to classes, they receive talks from experts in certain scientific fields and participate in workshops that we organize in collaboration with different institutions and universities. These activities are complemented by practical trips to research centers or industries to observe, first-hand, the advances in these fields.

There are numerous external recognitions of the results of our students in this field, mainly through the Scientific Olympiads (Biology, Geology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics), organized by the University of the Basque Country . The Faculty of Sciences of the Basque Country has recognized our school as the center with the greatest number of awards in the Scientific Olympiads organized by said faculty .

Bachillerato de ciencias sociales en Urdaneta

Social Sciences

Many of our students show interest in studies related to social sciences and at school we try to increase this interest by working on theoretical content in a meaningful way.

Urdaneta’s collaboration with the University of Deusto, the Chamber of Commerce of Bilbao and Banco Santander enables our students to participate in numerous workshops and activities that aim to bring our students closer to the social realities they will encounter at a professional level.

Workshops such as “Finance and responsible investment”, “Apps, new work relationships and collaborative consumption”, “New challenges for Law”, the “Finance for mortals” programme, the “Pre-Unique Competition” or the “Sessions on economic and business knowledge” manage to link students with their chosen studies.

On the other hand, we participate very successfully in the Economics, Geography and Philosophy Olympiads organised by the University of the Basque Country.

Deporte en Bachillerato en el colegio Urdaneta


Physical education, as well as sports and competition, are highly developed at this stage. Many of our youth teams, both male and female, stand out in the federated competitions in which they participate.

The connection between athletes and the school does not end when they finish high school, as many of the students who finish form part of the senior teams or become coaches of the lower category teams.

La vida en bachillerato en el colegio Urdaneta

Life in Baccalaureate

Our students’ last two years at school have a special flavour. They are years in which, among other important decisions, they are choosing their professional future. At school we know this and we work with them to help them in this decision. In addition to different sessions organised with the aim of facilitating the choice of future options for our students , we annually celebrate the Urdaneta Orientation Fair (FOUR). In collaboration with the Association of Former Students of the School, over the course of a day, our students have the opportunity to listen to professionals from different fields, who have been students at the school, as well as to clarify any doubts or curiosities they may have.

We believe that students at this stage have to take on new responsibilities and for this reason we offer them to participate in the Volunteer Plan . A very high percentage of our Baccalaureate students participate each year in different volunteer activities, both within the School and with different external associations, offering part of their time for the benefit of others. This work undoubtedly contributes to their overall growth as individuals.

Study trip
Social activities also play an important role in the lives of students. Every year, the school organizes a study trip for first-year students accompanied by 4 teachers from the school. It is a unique opportunity to strengthen ties between students and between them and the accompanying teachers.