Educational principles that inspire our educational practice

As our first pedagogical principle, we understand that the teaching-learning process should be student-centered, with the student being an active agent in their education. Building upon this initial premise, the other principles that inspire our educational practice are as follows:

Principios Pedagógicos Urdaneta

Personalized Learning:

We recognize different learning paces and the autonomy of students, who are the driving force and protagonists of their own learning journey.

Emotional Intelligence:

We acknowledge emotions as an essential element of learning.

Positive Pedagogy:

We make efforts to set clear expectations for success and build confidence, allowing students to envision achievable goals.

Shared Learning:

In alignment with our values of camaraderie, friendship, and teamwork, we foster respectful and tolerant assertiveness.

Experiential Learning:

We encourage students to actively participate in and execute their own learning process, making it more meaningful.

Multilingual Usage:

We promote the simultaneous use of different languages in a natural and truly integrated manner.

Pedagogy of Effort:

We instill in students an appreciation for reflective and rigorous effort, continuously setting new self-improvement goals.

Assessment as an Improvement Tool:

We employ new instruments to consistently achieve learning objectives.


We consider interiority a privileged domain for seeking truth, self-awareness, critical thinking, and as a guarantee of independence, individual thought, and responsible freedom.