Human authority fulfills a mission of service. However, if it is not accompanied by the confirmation of a good example, it can be deceptive. The good conduct of those who exercise authority is the best and most effective corroboration of the truths they teach”.

St. Augustine, De Ord. 2,9,27.

Andrés de Urdaneta School Team

P. Ángel Ándujar
Principal Director
Ramón Artiach
Academic Director
Ana Lartategui Jefa Estudios Infantil Urdaneta
Ana Lartategui
Head of Early Childhood Education Studies
Aitziber Azkorra Jefatura de Estudios E.P. 1º Ciclo de Urdaneta
Aitziber Azkorra
Head of Studies
First Cycle of
Primary Education
Ana Ajubita Díaz
Head of Studies
Second Cycle of
Primary Education
Susana Fernánez
Head of Studies
Third Cycle of
Primary Education

Unai Aurrekoetxea
Head of Studies Secondary Education First Cycle

Ignacio Rubio
Head of Studies Secondary Education Second Cycle
Bernard Valcárcel
Head of Baccalaureate Studies
P. José Miguel Nistal
Responsible Pastoral and Values Department
Cristina Lejona
Itxaso Letamendi
Sport Center Manager
Daniel Bengoechea
Quality Manager