NGO Iquitanz

Iquitanz is a non-governmental organization (NGO) established on June 23, 1993, originating from Andrés de Urdaneta School. It comprises a significant number of individuals associated with our educational institution and the Augustinian missions (parents, students, alumni, teachers, non-teaching staff, and Augustinian members).

Since its inception, Iquitanz has aimed to raise awareness about the reality of poverty (material, cultural, and spiritual) in various parts of the world, particularly those linked to the Augustinian missions.

To achieve our objectives, we undertake the following actions:

  • We foster encounters with missionaries who share their solidarity testimonies.
  • We support human development projects presented by the Augustinian missions (in Perú, Tanzania, El Salvador, Honduras, India), as well as other missionary institutions.
  • We organize the bocata solidario campaign twice a year.
  • We hold two solidarity markets (rastrillos) during Christmas and school festivities.
  • We promote awareness and encourage participation in Fair Trade within the school community.
  • We support the Summer Missionary Volunteering organized by the Augustinians.
  • We actively seek new members, sponsors, and collaborators for our organization.
  • We solicit funding for our projects from various official institutions.

How can you collaborate with Iquitanz?

  • Become a member.
  • Participate actively in the NGO’s campaigns (solidarity bokata, solidary uniform, markets, Fair Trade, etc.). We need individuals willing to dedicate time to organize, prepare, and execute these events.
  • Sponsor a child.
  • Make a one-time donation through Iquitanz’s bank account: Kutxabank account number 2095 0128 11 3830454506.

For more information:

In summary, Iquitanz serves as an effective means to educate in solidarity, fostering a conscientious awareness of justice, peace, and equality