These are our recognitions

Premios y reconocimientos Urdaneta


Extraordinary Awards for Baccalaureate in Euskadi

Since 1984, 33 students from the Urdaneta School have received the Extraordinary Award for Baccalaureate, granted by the Basque Government. Two of them subsequently achieved the National Baccalaureate Award.

Science Olympiad Awards

Urdaneta School has been the leading center in the Basque Country, with students receiving numerous awards in the Science Olympiads organized by the University of the Basque Country. Some students earned silver, bronze, and honorable mention medals in the respective national phases and participated in International Olympiads in Argentina and Romania. The Olympiads in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry began in the 1987-88 academic year, followed by Biology in 2007-08, Economics in 2008-09, and Geology in 2012-13. Here are the medals obtained by Urdaneta School students:

Mathematics Olympiad: 11 gold, 7 silver, and 7 bronze.
Physics Olympiad: 16 gold, 18 silver, and 11 bronze.
Chemistry Olympiad: 7 gold, 3 silver, and 2 bronze.
Biology Olympiad: 7 gold, 5 silver, and 7 bronze.
Geology Olympiad: 4 gold and 3 silver.
Economics Olympiad: 2 gold, 2 silver, and 6 bronze.

Spring Contest

A mathematics contest organized by the Basque Government since the 2007-08 academic year, spanning different categories from 4th grade to Baccalaureate. The top ten students in each category receive awards. Since our participation began, 29 students from Urdaneta School have received awards.

European Quality Label

In the 2012-2013 academic year, Urdaneta School received the Quality Seal from the Spanish Agency and the European Quality Label from the European Agency for E-Twinning-SNA for the European digital project “A Snapshot of Europe.”

Course 2018-2019: Urdaneta School receives the Quality Seal from the Spanish Agency and the European Quality Label from the European Agency for E-Twinning-SNA for the European digital project “HeartHeroes.”

Course 2019-2020: Urdaneta School receives the Quality Seal from the Spanish Agency and the European Quality Label from the European Agency for E-Twinning-SNA for the European digital project “Let’s introduce our cultures”

Gestión y Excelencia Urdaneta

Management and Excellence

Silver Q according to the EFQM Model

In 2012, the Basque Government, through Euskalit, the Basque Foundation for Excellence, awarded Urdaneta School the Silver Q (400 points) according to the EFQM model.

Advanced Management Gold A

In 2016, Urdaneta School received the Gold A recognition for Advanced Management from the Basque Government, through Euskalit.

Basque Award for Advanced Management

In 2019, the Basque Government granted the school the Basque Award for Advanced Management. This award represents the highest recognition for management in Euskadi. To qualify for this recognition, the school must have previously achieved the Gold Recognition and successfully completed a specific external evaluation in a concrete management element. The school is acknowledged in the field of strategic management.

Reconocimiento deporte Urdaneta


Sports Award from the Provincial Council of Bizkaia

1997: Granted in recognition of the diverse sports offerings and activities, as well as their promotion in the school and federated context. Presented by the General Deputy of Bizkaia.

Basque Sports Award

1998: Conferred by the Basque Government to Urdaneta School for i3 Presented at Ajuria Enea by the President of the Basque Government.
Committed Center for Sports and Health

Committed Center for Sports and Health

2020: DES Recognition (“Sports for Education and Health”) at the Gold level.

European School Sport Day Award

2020: National award for promoting school sports on the European School Sport Day

Reconocimiento en medios Urdaneta

Media Recognition

El Mundo Newspaper

or sixteen consecutive years, Urdaneta School has been ranked among the top 30 schools in Spain in the annual “100 Best Schools” supplement published by El Mundo newspaper.

El País Newspaper

In the “El País de los Estudiantes” competition organized by this media outlet, Urdaneta School secured the national first prize in 2004, second prizes in 2005 and 2008, and third prize in 2003.

Other Recognitions

The school is featured in the “Guía Dices” (Guide to the Best Schools in Spain), the list of top schools in the publication “Quintaesencia de la Excelencia en España” (Quintessence of Excellence in Spain), and the guide to the best schools in Spain by “lainformació,” among other publications

Tics en Urdaneta

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Konekta Zaitez

2001: First prize for designing the logo of the Konekta Zaitez campaign, promoted by the Basque Government.

Zer Iruditzen?

2001: First prize for creating a web page in the Zer Iruditzen? competition, organized by the Basque Government and the Euskaltel Foundation.


2008: National Blog Award in the Educared contest. The work was selected to participate in the Paneuropean e-Skills Week.

Ni Kazetari

2011: First prize in the Ni Kazetari course (2011-2012), organized by the newspaper El Correo, which also involved creating a digital newspaper.

Certificado de Madurez TIC

2015: Urdaneta School achieved the TIC Maturity Certificate at the Advanced Level

Cuidamos el Medio Ambiente en Urdaneta

Medio Ambiente

Centro Sostenible

2018: El Gobierno Vasco, a través de las Direcciones de Innovación Educativa y de Patrimonio Natural y Cambio Climático y el Ingurugela, concede al Colegio Urdaneta el Certificado de Centro Sostenible en reconocimiento por la implicación en la mejora y en el compromiso por caminar hacia la sostenibilidad.

Museo de Historia Natural Urdaneta

Museo de Historial Natural


1999: Reconocimiento al Museo de Historia Natural Urdaneta por parte de la AMYP (Asociación de Museos y Colecciones Mineralógicas y Paleontológicas).


Agradecimiento de museos de prestigio por la cesión de piezas (Museo de las Ciencias y las Artes de Valencia, Museo Artium de Vitoria, Museo Vasco de Bilbao, Museo Diocesano de Bizkaia y Museo de Ciencias Naturales de Álava).

Valores de Urdaneta



Nuestra ONG Iquitanz fue una de las ocho entidades galardonadas en los II Premios Solidarios BBK Deia en mayo de 2017 de manos de la Diputada Foral de Empleo, Inserción Social e Igualdad, María Teresa Laespada, por la labor solidaria en el ámbito de la cooperación.