Pastoral care and values

Our educational project is based on the integral formation of all individuals who are part of the school. This means that, in addition to being recognized for the high level of academic education we offer our students, we also aim to distinguish ourselves through a strong foundation in values. We want those who pass through our classrooms to be individuals with clearly established principles.

As a Catholic religious center, pastoral action is understood as the primary factor of quality and identity. Therefore, we view Pastoral as the very essence of everything we do (“School in Pastoral”). Its purpose is to illuminate, give meaning, and provide coherence to the entire educational endeavor.

We are specifically affiliated with the Augustinian Order, and our approach to education in values is based on the Augustinian pedagogical principles of “learning to be, love, and share”. These principles form the basis for developing values related to Interiority, Community, and Solidarity.

Interioridad Urdaneta


Following the example of Saint Augustine, one of the great masters of interiority, we have chosen to begin building the individual from within, seeking that center which, once known, can be loved, and by loving it, can grow and bear fruit.

To achieve this, we are working on an ambitious Education in Interiority Plan, which we intend to encompass all individuals within the school, across all educational stages

This plan includes a wide variety of actions that are reflected in the Morning Prayer, the various celebrations we carry out, and the lesson plans for religious classes

Comunidad Colegio Urdaneta


We believe in community as an essential environment for personal development and genuine commitment to the world. In contrast to individualistic approaches, Augustinian pedagogy proposes an education based on teamwork, respect, recognition of each person’s value, companionship, and friendship. We are convinced that human beings are inherently social.

We address these principles across all subjects through cooperative projects and specific actions carried out by the Department of Pastoral and Values. These include Christian gatherings, mentoring, and collaborative teams working on various initiatives and campaigns.

Solidaridad Urdaneta


We educate in solidarity, aiming for our students to become sensitive individuals attuned to the needs of others, especially the most vulnerable. They are committed to building a world based on principles of justice, peace, equality, and freedom.

Drawing from the teachings of Saint Augustine, who emphasized that we are all neighbors to one another without exclusion, we strive to educate in:

  • The ability to identify inequalities and human problems.
  • Commitment to social justice.
  • Respect and care for the environment.

For this purpose, our school collaborates with the Iquitanz NGO, which channels the solidarity initiatives arising from our Department of Pastoral and Values.

Additionally, we carry out various solidarity campaigns during significant moments in the school year (such as World Mission Day, campaigns against violence towards women, School Peace Day, and initiatives by “Manos Unidas” organization)