“NOBODY’S PERFECT” is the title of the performance our 3rd and 4th grade students have watched today at school.
A new term starts at Wendell High School. Ethan and his friend, J.C, arrive in the main hall. It is the first assembly of the year. J.C. is not happy to be back at school, but Ethan is looking on the bright side. Yes, holidays are over, but there are plenty of good things going on at school, for example: friends, school trips and of course… girls!
There is one girl in particular who Ethan is very happy to meet. Her name is Gemma. Gemma is a new student who loves dancing. She is lost on her first day in a new school and cannot find her science class. Ethan and J.C. help Gemma find her way to class. Ethan is very impressed by this new girl at school. In fact, he believes he has fallen in love. Gemma is perfect: long blonde hair, beautiful eyes and she is a dancer. Ethan tries to dance for Gemma, but he is not very good. In order to win Gemma, the girl of his dreams, Ethan decides to learn to dance.
If he can dance then maybe Gemma will fall in love with him? Gemma and Ethan become partners in a dance competition in the city. The trouble is, can Ethan ever learn to dance? Could he ever win a dance competition? Most important of all, will this be enough to win Gemma’s love?
Gemma fell in love, Ethan became her partner at the dance competition and Ethan won Gemma’s love.


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