Last Thursday, March 17, the children of San José and Loiu celebrated the Day of the English.

It was a special day in which, from home, the children came dressed in something green. It could be a tutu, a headband, some antennas, a homemade hat for the occasion, and even an Irish flag. Everything was great. They, as usual, were delighted with the novelty.

They carried out a treasure hunt with the teachers. The goal was to find a treasure, following clues throughout the building. For the displacements, it was necessary to follow some instructions.

Days before they had already made a craft: the St. Patrick hat. Wearing it home was the «closure» of the day. Perhaps in some cases it did not arrive whole, but the intention is what counts.

On Monday, March 21, they have been able to watch a play in English entitled “Peter Pan” as a complement to that special day. This work was adapted to children aged 4 and 5 that the students of San Jose and Loiu have been able to share together. They have participated in it with great enthusiasm, answering simple questions from the actors, accompanying the songs with rhythm and laughing at the comical situations.

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